Our Product Range

Pneumatic Energy

A complete range of Pneumatic tooling to suit both industrial and mining applications. From Handheld to workshop equipement.

Portable Energy

Our portable energy range includes best in class LED lighting, Mobile air compressors and portable Generators.

Fixed Energy

We offer a large range of fixed air solutions from Piston to Screw, fixed or variable and oil free. 

Pneumatic Energy

Pneumatic Tools

Our we known, tried and tested Chicago Pneumatic brand of tooling offers you the best in class quality at affordable pricing. We have a variety of tooling to suit any application. 

Cordless and Electric Tools

Our new to market Cordless range gives you the ability to work where pneumatic or electrical power is not available without compromising the high impact and quality you can expect from CP.

Workshop Equipment

Our large range of workshop equipment will ensure just about any task is made seamless while kept safe and reliable with Chicago Pneumatic. 

Hydraulic Tools

Our Titan range of Hydraulic tooling is another new addition to our range that gives us trust in a quality brand that allows us at Opus to cover every requirement.   

Portable Energy

Generator Energy

Our range of generators starts at 2.3kVa to 750kVa. We offer both petrol and diesel driven units. 

Portable Energy

Our Portable range covers a large variety of mobile pneumatic compressors from breaker application to down the hole drilling. 

Hydraulic Attachments

For Excavators 1 - 70 tons, rugged and built to last. Our Compaction attachements designed for 1 - 40 tons, high performance and low maintenance. 

Concrete Equipment

 Our concrete equipment is built to deliver the dependable performance, user-friendly operation and low maintenance you need for long-term productivity. 

Compaction Equipment

 All our compaction products are built to withstand the toughest working conditions. 

Handheld Breakers

 With our handheld pneumatic equipment you get reliable, high-performing and cost-efficient solutions to your equipment needs. 

Fixed Energy

Piston Energy

 Using top quality technology and components, our air treatment products offer reliable solutions. Reliability from us, provide security for you 

Screw Energy

 Screw compressors provides the solution when a constant demand for air is required. Using a rotary screw element, air is efficiently compressed in a stable flow. We offer two types: variable speed drive and fixed speed drive screw compressors. 

AIRnet Treatment

 With our air treatment products we enhance peace of mind regarding your compressed air system. Air treatment reduce costs, prevents tool degeneration and dangerous substances in your drain water